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Social Media Marketing “only just taking off”

By Joseph on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 at 10:20 am | Comments (0)

Despite most large businesses adopting some social media marketing strategy, only 12% of these businesses are “fully integrated” with the relatively new technology according to a report from InSite Consulting.

What exactly does “full integration” entail? The term can mean different things for different businesses. There are some functions of a fully-operational social media marketing strategy that should be relevant to all types of business: frequent engagement with potential customers, an almost permanent presence with their followers and the ability for a user to share items from the company’s website with other users. Many of the 88% of businesses not fully-integrated have achieved some of these targets but have failed to capitalise on their venture by completing their marketing campaign.

Most businesses lacking strong social presences have been deterred by the low ROI seen by other companies; on the other hand, many other organisations have claimed to have had the opposite effect.  Other factors deterring would-be socially-savvy businesses are the frustrating restrictions that are necessary to prevent privacy concerns and other regulation issues.

While social media marketing currently ranks behind SEO and PPC campaigns in terms of web leads and sales boosting, effective integration can create symbiotic synergies between your various online strategies and boost your potential reach to customers. Combining your strategies can gain you the exposure to potential customers that sticking to a single strategy never could.

Creating content for social media consumption can lead to a sort-of snowball effect, leading to maximum exposure for minimal expense. Say a Twitter user tweets about the content to their followers; some of these followers will then re-tweet this, others may post it on Facebook or on their blog or on Reddit.

The sheer volume of people you can reach with appropriate content is astounding when you consider the maximum potential audience; Twitter has 40,000,000 unique visitors every month from America alone. Of course, you can’t hope to reach every single person on every social network with every piece of content you release but you should take any opportunity to start that social snowball rolling.

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