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Understanding Cloaking and its Significance in the Current Scheme of Things

By Sid on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Comments (2)

Cloaking is a smart SEO technique categorised under Black Hat SEO by all search engines. It is a method of providing content to a search engine robot different to that provided to a user. The content of the page that is returned to a search engine robot is highly optimised to obtain high SE rankings and will differ a lot from the page that the end user is going to see.

Cloaking is easily detected by search engines and can get you banned, until you mend your ways!
What complicates the issue!?

The issue of cloaking has cause a great divide between SE marketing communities. Some think of cloaking as perfectly OK. Others think of it as a misleading tactic. Besides the fact that search engines have lain down guidelines to curb cloaking, word has it that the same SEs aren’t very stringent about them. Infact, some of them are using it themselves!

Is cloaking a deceptive technique? Is it worth the risk?

A number of webmasters consider cloaking to be a perfectly legitimate tactic. Give what needs to be given to the search engine robot and let users have what they want. Most people argue that they should have the right to put whatever they want on their sites.

Why Use Cloaking?

Let us forget for a while that this technique can get you banned or black listed. SEOs argue on the necessity of protecting Meta data. It can be given off to the SE spiders, but why everyone?

Cloaking is inexpensive. It’s easy to build an alternative site free if cost, fill it up with optimum content and Meta tags to boost visibility.

Is it Fool Proof?

A number of sites do get away with the practice but many have perished due to this technique. A normal search engine may not be able to detect you but SEs like Google and Yahoo can kill your web marketing efforts if they find anything fishy about your portal.

Just imagine the amount of business you will lose if you are taken of the listings of Google and Yahoo. You might even have to close down!

Just an Opinion

I personally think that no one has the right to dictate the contents of my website to me, except me!

Let’s define Search Engine! It’s an internet tool used to search for relevant information on the internet. Who is deciding what’s relevant or not? Google and Yahoo may have stuck to the definition mentioned above for some time. Then suddenly, someone working for them started thinking! L

It’s a competitive world! Survival of the fittest!

All I know is that if I can device a method to rank higher in a SE listing, I should use it. If my competitors cannot, then it’s their problem!

2 Responses to “Understanding Cloaking and its Significance in the Current Scheme of Things”

  • Araks Says:

    good blog, I liked especially the last part, where the opinion of the auther is expressed. I agree with it.

  • John Says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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