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Where the Magic Happens with the core SEO team in New Delhi!!!

By Justin on Friday, January 20th, 2012 at 3:48 pm | Comments (0)

On our latest exciting, trip to our office in India , Mark one of our directors took the opportunity to have some pictures taken with some our AMAZING Indian team.


Mark spent a week with the team meeting some of our newly hired Computer Science graduates.  SEONEXT certainly are now rapidly growing and hiring the best of the new computer technology talent coming out of  India currently, something we are very proud to be able to say.  Special thanks goes out to Charu, and  the two Taruns.

As well as spending time in some long meetings with Vaibhav, the aim of which is of continual improvement of our SEO processes, we recognise skills and development is the only way to make sure we stay way ahead of the SEO game, (which is an ongoing process anyway).

Mark took the opportunity to spend a bit of social time with our staff and enjoyed a few drinks in a few of the bars and Delhi’s finest restaurants.

Our UK team can`t wait for february when we head out again to put the final touches to a Major SEO project we have been working upon……  Will keep you posted !

Thanks also for the usual amazing hospitality!!

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