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How a marketing manager can help a good SEO project…

By MatthewB on Friday, January 20th, 2012 at 5:01 pm | Comments (0)

On a daily basis we speak to many companies and come across a lot marketing managers.

I find there are many different methods that marketing manager follow with their online campaigns, plus the goals they want to achieve from the project.

This has a huge impact on how we help develop their online strategy as at the end of the day they know there market better than us.

When I deal with a good marketing manager that have the information to hand the services/ products they would like to promote from their brand.

I having the information to hand is NO easy task it takes time and a good structure to gather! 

The usual role of a marketing manager is as follows.

  • Instilling a marketing focus / ethos throughout the departments
  • Researching and reporting on external opportunities
  • Understanding current and potential customers
  • Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management)
  • Developing the marketing strategy and plan
  • Management of the marketing mix
  • Managing agencies
  • Measuring success
  • Managing budgets
  • Ensuring timely delivery
  • Writing copy
  • Approving images
  • Developing guidelines
  • Making customer focused decisions

Breaking this down in to detail above some of the key sections.

 Market Research

Having a good knowledge of their clients / Potential customers is key. Plus building up necessary resources that are available to you though your team.

It is also critical to take a 3rd party opinion out of as many decisions as possible – you probably don’t think in the same way as a typical customer. The Information can be gathered from questionnaires though social media, customer service calls or directly through your Google analytics.

But it’s important that the information is vetted in a detailed/scientific way using proper statistical methods.

Gut feel can only take your business so far!

The Development of a marketing strategy and plan

Marketing planning must be at the heart of any business and is usually presented in the form of a written marketing plan. Having this information to hand to show agencies your goals

A method I have followed came from a consultant called Paul Smith he developed a process known as “SOSTAC” this is an acronym for the following elements of the plan:

Situation Analysis – where are we now?

Objectives – what do you want to achieve?

Strategy – how are you going to get there?

Tactics – what are the details of the strategy?

Actions – who is going to do what, and by when?

Controls – how are you going to measure success?

I find this to cover all the relevant areas and from this aids you in achieving you’re structured approach in achieving your goals. This information is very useful to a SEO agency as it highlights your needs and where we can fit in to the strategy / tactics of your business plan!

Managing agencies

I find that small agencies don’t always have the capacity / skills in-house to develop all the elements of marketing mix.

So Keeping track of the key areas is also critical as without the 3rd party help you cannot achieve you set goals.

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Promotional items
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • PPC

Having set guidelines and touching base with your agencies is key, keeping them Informed them of change in your company is necessary as its pivotal that they understand your company to get the most out of them especially in SEO / PPC

If you are launching a new product / service its key to get this out to your clients and attract new business to drive the individual success of your item!

This moves on nicely to my next area.

Measuring Success

As far as I’m concerned this is the most crucial part of a marketing manager and is mainly to monitor SEO/ PPC campaigns.

I would advise for PPC to monitor this on a weekly basis and lease with you PPC Management Company, “we have just posted a blog about PPC – Click to have a look

Having followed your tasks you should be able to inform them of the success you have measured from the PPC campaign and the conversion and sales this has achieved! It may sound patronising but how do you know if you have make a return of investment if you don’t have this information!

For SEO I would monitor this on a monthly basis- and the same applies you need to look at your conversions to sale.

This is the information you need as you then know where to increase budgets to gain further ROI….!

Keeping this going and rotating the process on a monthly basis is necessary to keep SEO / PPC companies on their toes !

Let me know what you think !!!

I will be adding more information about this topic in time to come if you have any questions please contact me on Matthew.Booth@seonext.co.uk

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