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Pushing yourself too hard at work can affect your health

By MatthewB on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 4:24 pm | Comments (0)

Hey all

I wanted to take some time out and tell you about becoming too driven at work can affect your health & mind set !

With the pressures of work – meetings – Targets- Travelling Ect a lot can slip from your personal life IE keeping fit and eating well.

The attitude of slipping in to “Sack it I’ll get a take away” + ” I cannot be bothered to go Gym I have had a hard day” This happens so easily and it happens to me and a few lads in the office !

We were having a chit chat at the end of the year and everybody said we need to do something as the beer bellies and love handles are getting out of control !

So this is what I did and how its helped me so far !

About 5 years ago I did kick boxing and mixed martial arts and I archived a high level in the sport (2nd Dan Black belt)  I was very fit and healthy – Due to the above things slipped and I didn’t have time to go ” Or used that excuse !!!”

You really don’t notice becoming unfit, being knackered and lethargic creeps up on you more and more . Your train of thought and focus stays on one level, how you handle pressure and tasks changes and depending on your job role it will affect people in different ways I am sure. But this also affects people around you and you won’t notice this until you change your routine.

So in the middle of December I started to get in the mix and to go training again, nothing major 2 times a week and for 2 hours a time. Plus I changed my diet and lowed the calories and the watched portions of my meals.

Getting my ass up again and training has made a huge difference in my performance – mind set and just generally thinking outside the box to improve systems and work more as a team.

Im not the only one to have done this – the whole office has got more proactive out of work and makes time to break them habits. They range from Football – personal training -Gym- cricket  across the lads in the office .

All I will say if the attitude, drive and productivity has increased by 20% in 1 month ! This isnt cause we are working harder it makes you work smarter.

Its looks to work for the guy in the middle of this picture !

If you think you fit it to the bracket of “ I’m to busy to go to the gym” you know who you are !!  Do you self a favour and make some time and I promise you will benefit all around !

Give it ago and see the changes!!

Email me to let me know how your getting on Matthew.booth@seonext.co.uk .. Plus if you have anything to add please leave a comment…

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